Mobile Solutions
The mobile service develops deep-rooted products on mobile platforms, whether they may be new product lines or mobility extensions for web-based products, using the latest tools and frameworks on all native platforms.
Using our experience in the mobile space, Agile Methodologies, knowledge across various industries, and a combination of both state-of-the-art and traditional UI tactics, ThoughtGenesis provides clients with true value when creating or improving their Mobile strategy.


PRODUCT EVOLVE: From taking ownership of an existing product, through setting a path into the future, our framework allows us to perform a detailed assessment to understand the current state of the product and define the roadmap to take it to the next level. This is accomplished by introducing new market trends, technologies, and innovative solutions to existing products.

TALENT & CAPACITY: Talent is a rare commodity, especially in reference to mobile development. At ThoughtGenesis we have experience building large mobile teams from scratch, finding the perfect blend between technical expertise, business and product knowledge. At the Mobile services we have mobile specialists that can engage clients and ensure delivery of their high-quality product in a timely manner. Our engineers keep themselves ahead of the curve by regularly conducting internal trainings and keeping informed about new frameworks and tools.